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Check out some of our hub locations across the globe and get to know the Vaulters that call them home. We are committed to unlocking the potential in data, customers and each other while growing amazing international teams. Every office, whether it’s a hub satellite or even a home office, brings a unique cultural perspective to Commvault.


Welcome to team Austin! When we are asked to describe the culture of our office the 3 words that spring to mind are Fun/ Dedicated/ Collaborative. We have a great mix of Vaulters who call Austin home representing Field Marketing, Partner Success Desk, Demand Generation, Sales and Systems Engineering. Everybody here is a team player/ contributor, it really feels like we come in and just encourage and cheer everyone on in their daily roles. We like to have fun, so we try to hold quarterly off-sites, whether it’s something special or just grabbing a meal and some drinks together. Holidays are a lot of fun around here. We also participate in some giving back activities that always make us feel good! Something that we all have in common in the Austin office is the size of our hearts they are BIG, we genuinely care about their fellow Vaulters on a professional and personal level. As an office or smaller teams, we have done both clothing and food drives for them as well as volunteered during their senior days, where senior members of the community can come by and receive groceries. Other members volunteered in their pantry helping community members shop as well as unpacking and shelving donation items.

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Tinton Falls HQ

Hi from the team in Tinton Falls, New Jersey also known as HQ. Everything that we do is driven by passion and innovation. With over 900 employees in the campus we are lucky to have unique skills and expertise at our finger tips. Our office environment is one of collaboration and inclusion we have big open spaces full of light and lots of break out spaces where you can take a meeting or unplug, and recharge maybe play some air hockey or take the slide between the 4th and 3rd floor. We love our monthly employee events as well as our initiatives around sustainability and employee recognition. Our campus also has incredible sporting grounds so in the warmer months you will see Vaulters on the softball field, cricket pitch, basketball court, soccer field, walking track or cycling around the campus. Did we mention our purpose-built gym with classes and onsite Starbucks? We think it’s cool to be kind which is why you will always find our vaulters holding a door open, saying hi to everyone or going out of their way to help and support one another.

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Welcome to our FED team in the heart of Reston. Our office is in great proximity to Washington DC, Dulles and Northern VA. Our sales and consulting team have a great sense of comradery, super creative and thrive in our fast pace environment. We love the energy that each of our Vaulters brings through their passionate, open, friendly, engaging, outgoing, personalities.

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Santa Clara

Hi from the team in sunny Santa Clara. We love our team and office here in Santa Clara not just because we have views of the mountains but because of the awesome vaulters who we describe as ‘sanely smart’ there the kind of people that see an obstacle and think launch pad. Our office is made up of passionate, always looking to take the best and make it better kind of people. Engineering, Sales and Marketing teams call the Santa Clara office home and are always looking for ways to celebrate the wins big and small. Women in tech Meet ups, Birthday celebrations and team outings are all regular events on the calendar in Santa Clara.

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Hello from the team in Bangalore! We have a great work culture in the Bangalore office all of our people are very energetic and positive which makes you want to get up every morning and come to work. The Vaulters in our office are made up of Development, Sales, Pre-Sales and Human Resources. We enjoy all things celebratory from a birthday bash to community festivals.

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Hello from team Beijing. When asked to describe our office culture and environment we would say it is friendly and flexible. Our vaulters love the office environment and convenient proximity to transport. We have a great representation of teams in the Beijing office Sales, System Engineering, Customer Support, Professional Services, Sales Operations, Marketing, Finance and Human Resources. We celebrate the big and small wins in our office from monthly birthday celebration, to Annual team building, to the Annual Spring Festival Celebration.

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Hello from the Hyderabad team! We are a FUN, engaging group of Engineers, HR, Finance and IS professionals. We love to celebrate in our office and get creative for example a treasure hunt or a cube decorating contest. We have a great atmosphere of collaboration in this office as we all sit in big teams and enjoy learning from many different levels of experience. All the Vaulters in the Hyderabad office are understanding, friendly, helpful and most importantly supportive.

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Hi from the team in Shanghai! We love working out of our office which is in the heart of downtown and in fact is on one of the oldest streets in Shanghai. We are a passionate and cheerful bunch of Vaulters from Sales, System Engineering, Customer Support, HR and Renewals that make up our team. We like to celebrate and get outside which is sometimes why you will see us walking together or at a team dinner, we think that working in the Shanghai office is unique because we are one big warm family.

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Hi from team Singapore, we love our workspace in the heart of Singapore in particular we are proud that our office sits in a certified green building. It is bright, colorful with an open concept working space that speaks to the relentless collaboration our teams enjoy. Since we are one of the regional headquarter offices in Asia Pacific, we have almost all functions including Sales, Marketing, Pre-sales, Corporate, Operations and Engineering. It’s a big family here and it’s growing fast! We are lucky to work with great people daily that inspire and excite. The Singapore Commvault team is very multi-cultural from all over the globe. We celebrate anything and everything under the sun… Chinese New Year, Christmas, even Halloween.

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Hi from team Sydney. Our team is more like a family here in Sydney, we love to utilize the kitchen in the office to cook meals together like Pizza Thursday or Taco Tuesday. We are a hub for Customer Support as well as Marketing, Sales, SE, PS and HR. We have a vibrant office culture and love participating in community activities outside of work. You will often find team members running in marathons for a worthy cause or to champion the Commvault brand. We are a highly collaborative group and enjoy celebrating the wins big or small. In the Sydney office we believe in the phrase win and (stumble) as a team.

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Hi from team Tokyo, we love to communicate and collaborate in our office and feel that the open plan environment really allows for us to do that. We are very proud of our work environment how modern and conveniently located to transport it is. We have representation from many teams including Sales, Professional Services, System Engineering and Customer Support. One of our favourite ways to celebrate in the Tokyo office is when we have new employees start to make them feel very welcome and part of the family.

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Hi from team Reading, our reading office is the Hub for our European operations. We have a great mix of talented individuals from several teams that make up what we would describe as a Fun, Productive and Collaborative office. Those teams are Human Resources, Sales Operations, Customer Support, Marketing, Lead Development, Inside Sales, Finance, Field Sales, Systems Engineering and Partner Business Sales.

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Hello from the team in Frankfurt, our office is in a unique location the airport! Which works well for us as we have lots of people coming and going from the office. We are a true hub. Everyone in the Frankfurt team is openminded, friendly and vibrant. We have HR, Legal, Field Sales and Marketing teams located here in Frankfurt. We like to make sure that we take the time to unplug and recharged every day, which is why we make sure to sit and have lunch all together. It’s important to all of us here in our buzzing office that we are helpful to one another, passionate about our work and try to listen and inspire one another daily.

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Hello from Team Madrid, we claim to be the BEST team when it comes to office culture. Maybe it’s our bright, comfortable office and leafy outlook? We have Vaulters from Sales, Pre-Sales, Professional Services and Marketing that call our office home. We love to celebrate the big and little wins in our office we are a smaller team and incredible close we are proud of the fun we have while showing off our team work skills.

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Welcome to team Paris, were we love our downtown location and view of the Eiffel tower. We have a great culture in our office we are always positive and supportive of each other and even have an office mascot a goldfish called “Hyperscale”. We have Vaulters from Sales, Marketing and technical services in our Paris office. We all love to have fun while doing our jobs but never forget that it takes more muscles to frown then to smile.

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