Commercial Sales Leader


The Commercial Sales Leader is responsible for driving revenue growth in the Commercial sectors of Singapore, through creating new revenue opportunities in specific sectors / industries and collaborating with Partners to fulfil the customers’ business requirements.

The Leader is responsible for developing a Commercial Growth Plan comprising of clear Goals, Strategies and Execution Plans on achieving our Commvault’s growth objectives. The Leader is a strong collaborator, working closely with Systems Engineers (SE), Partner Sales Team, Marketing and other cross-functional teams to plan, organize and execute on the Commercial Growth Plan, to achieve both short-term and long-term business objectives.

The Leader is an experienced sales professional who is competent in building sales pipeline to meet the software and services revenue targets, and successfully pursuing the sales pipeline to closure, while building a strong portfolio of customer references and advocates.

Position Responsibilities include:

  • Establish strong collaboration with Partners and jointly engage with Partners to build new sales pipeline.
  • Collaborate with Commvault’s cross functional teams (SE, Partner Teams, Marketing etc) to develop a detailed Commercial Growth Plan to attract and engage new customers and grow existing buying relationships, and ultimately strongly execute against the Plan to deliver results.
  • Lead Commercial Growth Plan development that includes identifying and prioritizing customer accounts with acquisition strategies mapped to the organizational mandates, pain points, compelling corporate mandates, and planning cycles.

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