Freedom to make an impact, together.

At Commvault, one purpose guides everything we do: We unlock potential in data, customers and each other.

To accomplish that, everyone here has the green light to discover, create, nurture and sustain the energy needed to drive innovation and help our customers—by inspiring one another, by imagining what others simply don’t, by working to make what’s already great, even greater—whether that’s product, process or team.

And when we do, we generate a rare energy that powers our ability to rethink what’s possible
and astonish our customers with truly perpetual innovation.

What makes Commvault, Commvault

Our Culture Trilogy

Our People Promise

Check out our values videos and see if our free-thinking (and doing) culture feels right for you.

Vaulters Living our Values

Vaulters Living Our Values

Women In Technology

Commvault’s talented women make an impact at Commvault every day - building, selling, supporting and delivering our industry-leading solutions to market, while driving our company forward in who we are and how we operate.

Founded in 2016, Commvault Women in Technology (CV WiT) is a global, employee-led effort creating opportunities for professional development, networking, and community engagement. Through diverse programming, and partnering with industry and community organizations, WiT aims to increase the visibility of Commvault’s women, and contribute to growing gender diversity within our company and the technology industry at large.

Community Impact

Vaulters believe in giving back, because we know that the impact we make together is not only on our company, but also on the communities we live in and our world at large. Our commitment to CSR is to support sustainability and do our part to build healthy ecosystems and strong communities around the globe. We raise our hands, we roll up our sleeves, and we share a commitment to a sustainable future.

Specific to environmental sustainability

  • Our solutions enable companies to manage their data as they move to the cloud, saving energy, resources and waste.
  • We're proud of our LEED-certified headquarters
  • We deliver packaging-free software since 2009, cutting down on waste.
  • We buy products and materials using sustainable sources.
  • We recycle where possible and use paper sparingly.
  • Promote car sharing and cycle to work schemes to minimise fuel emissions.
  • We donate IT equipment for re-use by charity partners.

Meet Our People

Morgan Whyte

Morgan Whyte – HR US

1. Give us your twitter sized job description.

I change people’s lives! I find the right people to fit the right job within our organization.

2. How has Commvault supported you so that you could be successful?

Commvault has given me both the latitude and the keys to unlock my potential. Being able to spread my wings and scrape my knees has provided me much growth personally and professionally.

3. How does the work you do in HR/Recruiting get translated back into the company?

Recruiting makes an impact on an organization because we partner with our business functions to learn what they do and how they do it. Finding the right person to fill a job isn’t just about the requirements but more about the whole picture.

James Ash

James Ash – Marketing UK

1. Give us your twitter sized job description.

All things communications, across all areas EMEA

2. What is your number 1 favorite thing about working for Commvault?

Sure we work hard & put in the long hours when we need to, but there is also a very grown up approach to a true work-life balance at Commvault

3. What makes Commvault, Commvault?

The trust placed in teams & individuals by their bosses & the board

Joslin Martin

Joslin Martin: India HR

1. Give us your twitter sized job description.

Spearhead Campus Recruitment, Handle HR related Frontend Operations, and a lot of Data Analysis for Business Decisions

2. How have you had the Freedom to Make and Impact. Together at Commvault?

My manager has always given me the freedom to use my creativity and supported me in taking up new initiatives. For example – we made small changes to how we celebrate our employees to make it more scalable as an organization and meaningful to the employees. This allowed us to work with other departments in a very supportive and collaborative manner. We are also given a certain level of authority to make judicious decisions from time to time. This induces self-confidence in ourselves and our decision making.

3. What makes Commvault, Commvault?

Our Work Culture – the flexibility, our values and customer centricity is what stands out for me.

Nikhil Gupta

Nikhil Gupta: - Development India

1. Give us your twitter sized job description.

I am a part of product certification with media management team, we work with Tapes, Disks and clouds making sure that your data is safe and available when you need it.

2. What first got you interested in Commvault?

When I heard about Commvault’s culture where it focuses on quality of work and makes sure that employee happiness is one of the most important factor in decisions, totally had me in for Commvault.

3. How does the work you do in development get translated back into the company?

Development works very close to the customer requirements and requests. Even when we develop an idea our prime focus is how the existing customer base would accept it and how many new customers we can make. So when we develop something it’s directly related to how people look at Commvault as a product.

David Stupar

David Stupar: - Customer Support UK

1. Give us your twitter sized job description.

As a Customer support manager in EMEA I am responsible for daily operation and management or our 70+ engineers, global customer base and center alignment with our global support team.

2. What is something unexpected that you have done in your role?

The opportunity to lead a group of talented individuals, in APAC and in EMEA. I never expected I would be working for Commvault in a different country half way around the world. When I joined Commvault, I expected to be a technical specialist and possibly be progressing through a technical path rather than people leadership.

3. How does the work you do in Customer Support get translated back into the company?

To make sure support continues to operate at a world class level, not just in my region or department but within the company. The concept that all our internal teams are also our customers means that they receive the same quality of services as our external customers and partners. Ensuring that my team maintain the highest possible standards during every interaction, coaching when they do not and recognising when they do means our ‘internal’ and external customers are able to do their jobs with the best possible support. Our customer support satisfaction levels are industry leading and I have been told on many occasions that our support is a valued selling tool during the sales cycle.

Mariana Guerrero Nava

Mariana Guerrero Nava – Marketing Mexico

1. Give us your twitter sized job description

For the LATAM market I am manage our channel, corporate, alliance and distribution marketing as well as demand gen and enablement strategy.

2. What is something unexpected that you have done in your role

So far I can say the most unexpected, that really amazes me is the great team I have support me, I mean we are LATAM so most of the things needs to adjust to our market, and its really comfortable that my direct boss, my coordinator, the head of marketing have the confidence in me and my actions to support the decisions, because sometimes its not easy, beside that I enjoy my job fully, and the unexpected thing in here I think is that find this kind of people, team and support is difficult to find in these times in many companies.

3. Do you have any Secret Talents?

I have a very acute sixth sense which helps me to have a better communication and to predict situations according to each scenario ... as if I were a witch! LOL

Juliana Szutarski

Juliana Szutarski: - Customer Support US

1. Give us your twitter sized job description.

As Knowledge Manager, it’s my job to curate information from within Support to provide to our Customers. I also create internal documentation to share within the department.

2. What does a typical day look like for you?

A typical day includes fielding questions regarding Solution articles, composing documentation, meeting with other teams to collaborate on projects, proofreading my teammates’ work, providing applicable memes within the team group chat, and staying up to date on roughly 5000 emails. I do all this with about two to three strong cups of green tea a day brewed right at my desk.

3. How would you describe your learning experience at Commvault?

I would say a lot of my learning here at Commvault has been self-driven. I take it upon myself to work on new things and look for projects that may be outside the scope of my job description. Once I got started with a project, finding help and support from colleagues was easy – everyone here is anxious to help someone along who is willing to take on a new task.


Culture is a huge part of what makes working at Commvault so special. We realize that the best work comes from an environment that promotes creativity and innovation. That’s why our team takes the time to connect with each other.

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